Social 7 - American History

Welcome to the 7th Grade Social Studies Website.  In grade 7 students will be studying American History from 1800 thru modern day as well as examining the founding principles and documents of the nation.  On this page you will find a weekly listing of all class assignments as well as links to notes and classroom assignment materials.

Weekly Calendar and Assignments

Semester 1 Quarter 1 Week 8

(Please note this is merely a guide of weekly activities and may change as needed.)

Class Weekly Objectives / “I Can" Statements:

  1. I can describe the methods used by settlers to travel westward in the early 1800’s (
  2. I can explain how steamboats and canals affected transportation and economic growth in the 1800’s (
  3. I can compare and contrast the distribution of power status of Indigenous peoples of the United States and describe how their status evolved after the Indian Removal Act ( & (
  4. I can identify challenges and benefits people faced along the Oregon Trail (

Monday, October 21, 2019

Current Events:  CNN 10 Student News  - No quiz on this date due to the MEA break.

Activity: Move around the room notes - to switch up the way the students take their skeleton notes, and get them moving, the slides will be placed around the room.

Due for Turn-in: TODALSS Map Due by 4:00 pm

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Current Events:  CNN 10 Student News 

Activity: Students will be viewing a slideshow on the Indian Removal Act of 1830 and discussing the forced removal of American Indian nations in the U.S. during westward expansion.

Video: Students will watch a video on the Cherokee's forced removal called the Trail of Tears.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - Homeroom Schedule

Current Events:  CNN 10 Student News

Activity: Students will begin learning about the Oregon Country and the migration of Americans on the cross-continent Oregon Trail. They will be filling out skeleton notes with the Oregon Country slideshow. 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Current Events:  CNN 10 Student News

Activity: Students will finish up the Oregon Country slideshow and turn in their skeleton notes.

If they get through those slides, time permitting, we will begin the Texas Wins Independence slideshow.

Friday, October 25, 2019 - No School

Current Events:  CNN 10 Student News - Students who are unable to view this on their own time may view this in Mr. Olson’s classroom from 7:45-7:55 am on Monday morning.

Quiz - Students will have a quiz covering this weeks current events and content material on Monday, October 28, 2019.  This will be the last quiz going on Quarter 1 grades. © George Olson 2019