Social Psychology Class Notes Page

Unit One:  Introducing Psychology

Part One: Introducing Psychology

1.1 Why Study Psychology?  (Blank Student Skeleton Notes Sheet)

1.2 A Brief History of Psychology  (Blank Student Skeleton Notes Sheet)

1.3 Psychology as a Profession  (Blank Student Note Sheet)

Part Two: Psychological Research

1.4 What Is Research? (Blank Student Skeleton Note Sheet)

1.5 Problems and Solutions in Research (Blank Student Skeleton Note Sheet)

Unit Two:  Personality and Individuality

Part One: Psychological Testing

Characteristics of Psychological Tests (Blank Student Skeleton Note Sheet)

Intelligence Testing  (Blank Student Skeleton Note Sheet)

Measuring Achievement, Abilities, and Interests (Blank Student Skeleton Note Sheet)

Personality Testing (Blank Student Copy)

Part Two: Theories of Personality

Purposes of Personality Theories (Blank Student Skeleton Note Copy)

Psychoanalytic Theories (Blank Student Skeleton Note Copy)

Learning Theories (Blank Student Skeleton Note Copy)

Humanistic and Cognitive Theories (Blank Student Skeleton Note Copy)

Trait Theories (Blank Student Skeleton Note Copy)

Unit Three: Social Psychology

Part One: Individual Interaction

Interpersonal Attraction

Social Perception

Personal Relationships

Part Two: Group Interaction

Group Behavior (Blank Student Copy)

Conformity and Obedience (Blank Student Copy)

Conflict and Cooperation (Blank Student Copy)

Part Three: Attitudes and Social Influence

Attitude Formation

Attitude Change and Prejudice


Part Four: Psychology - Present and Future

Careers in Psychology

Psychology’s Contributions

Unit Four: Adjustment and Breakdown

Part One: Stress and Health

Sources of Stress (Blank Student Copy)

Reactions to Stress (Blank Student Copy)

Coping With Stress (Blank Student Copy)

Part Two: Psychological Disorders

What Are Psychological Disorders?  (Blank Student Copy)

Anxiety Disorders  (Blank Student Copy)

Somatoform and Dissociative Disorders  (Blank Student Copy)

Schizophrenia and Mood Disorders  (Blank Student Copy)

Personality Disorders and Drug Addiction  (Blank Student Copy)

Part Three: Therapy and Change

What Is Psychotherapy?

Psychoanalysis and Humanistic Therapy

Cognitive and Behavior Therapies

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